This program is for renters ONLY

● The Wind River ERA Program is NOT limited to Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone Tribal members, it is also available to the public and tribal members who live out-of-state.

● Rental households who can demonstrate their housing is at risk due to unpaid rent or utility bills resulting from their income being negatively affected by COVID 19.

● ERA funds may be used for “other expenses related to housing incurred due, directly or indirectly to the COVID-19 outbreak.”

○ Other expenses may include:

■ Additional family or individuals who had to move into a household; due to job loss,and schools temporarily closing for in-person learning.

■ If a household has been temporarily or permanently displaced due to theCOVID-19 outbreak. Northern Arapaho Tribal Housing – Emergency Rental Assistance Program,Director: L. Grey Bull

■ Late fees that accrued due to COVID-19 related expenses; which can be proven with documentation.

■ Internet service provided to a residence is related to housing and is in many cases vital service that allows renters to engage in distance learning, tele work, and tele medicine and obtain government services.

● The household’s income must be at or below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI). See table below.

● The households cannot be receiving federal rental subsidies or receiving assistance from other rental programs.

● Landlords can encourage their tenants to apply

FY 2020 Low-Income (80%) Limit (LIL)


Engagement and Participation

Landlord engagement and participation are key in making the Emergency Rental Assistance Program a success. At this time, the ERA Program Applications are only being accepted from tenants, as eligibility for the program has to be confirmed and verified based on the tenant’s information and circumstances.Please provide your tenant with the information on the ERA Program and encourage them to apply by calling by visiting our website or calling our office. As a landlord, please help facilitate the process by providing:

● Copy of the lease or rental agreement

● Verification that the tenant is renting at one of your properties

● Verification of rental arrears and the total amount

I am a homeowner and I am past due on my mortgage payments; am I eligible to apply for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program?

The guidance from the U.S. Department of the Treasury does not allow for Emergency Rental Assistance Program assistance to be provided to homeowners and past due mortgage payments, utilities or energy costs. It is solely to be used for renter households